Thursday, March 21, 2013

Track and Cupcakes!

It's track season! Yaaaaaaaaaay! My favorite time of year! I even got cute sweatpants! I've envied these sweatpants for years, it seems like everyone at ICA has them. Most of whom don't do track... And I had nothing to show for my 4 years of dedicated, complaint-free participation. But now I have snazzy sweatpants to show off! And show them off I will... Look at my sweatpants!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Gleaning Wisdom

John Piper is a pretty smart guy. Yeah, I know, the rest of the world figured that out a while ago, but I'm coming to realize how right they are only recently. Probably because I had never really read any of his books before this month. I started his book "Think" a while ago; emphasis on started. It was a book about using our intellects to glorify God and I gave up trying to understand it about half way through. I decided I couldn't read Piper he was too smart. Then my CollegePlus coach recommended I read "Don't Waste Your Life" and I think I will stay with him this time. The thing I most admire about Piper is his life goal in enjoying the glory of Christ. It is so encouraging. I'm also noticing that Piper, a man I am learning from, admires C.S. Lewis and learns from him! Amazing how God gives everyone, no matter how wise and experienced they are, someone wiser and more experienced than them to teach them! Just goes to prove that all our wisdom comes from God in the first place and it is only by His grace that we are able to teach others.

So anyway, here is an article by Piper my Mom gave me over a year ago that I've held onto. It was a little concerning when she handed me an article titled "Letter to an Incomplete, Insecure Teenager" out of the blue, but I am thankful she did, because it is very insightful.